TalkTalk Bills Going Up In Price So I’m Leaving

I’ve noticed my TalkTalk bills going up in price every month , since the end of my contract, so I’ve cancelled it and switching to Tesco Mobile..

I moved to a new home back in 2020 and hoped that I could transfer my contract but that wasn’t an option. I would have to start a new TalkTalk contract.

Once I’d moved, I contacted TalkTalk again and started an 18 month contract for Fibre 35. There is no chance of having Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) in the building where I live as they haven’t installed it yet, but we do have Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC).

I started my new Broadband contract and everything seems to be running nicely and my bill was around £35 a month. This seemed reasonable and was was quite affordable.

Whilst I was in contract, the bill seemed to be fairly steady and I was quite happy. It was only after my Broadband contract ended in January 2022 that I had a problem with my bills going up in price.

TalkTalk bills going up in price – Tesco Mobile ?

I’ve spent some time looking at other Broadband deals and Tesco Mobile seems to offer a great solution to my problem.

I’ve been with Tesco for many years but I’ve always had a simple PAYG and never really thought about using them as my Broadband provider.

I’m fairly close to my local O2 phone mast and get a very strong signal, could mobile internet be the solution for me.

As I no longer run a business, I don’t need a home phone so I’d be quite happy with a Broadband contract that didn’t include a landline

I’ve discovered that I can switch over to a Pay Monthly contract with Tesco and get 100GB of data with unlimited minutes and texts.

I can get this £14 per month on a 24 month contract and the price is fixed. With TalkTalk bills going up in price every month, there’s not much to decide..

As an update, I’ve now taken out a 2 year contract and am now using Tesco Mobile for my home internet. It’s all working nicely and I’ve cancelled my Talktalk account.

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