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I’m a hobby blogger and I write for pleasure

I’m a hobby blogger from South Wiltshire and I write blog posts for the pleasure of it, not to make money.

I know that there are many blog writers that post to make a living from their websites.

It must be quite a pressured job, especially if they have to meet deadlines so I’ll stick to doing it for fun.

I’ve always enjoyed writing so I took it up as a an interest when I took early retirement.

I must confess that I’m not a natural writer and I’ve had no formal training in the subject. However, I do find that it’s a great way to keep my mind active.

Before retirement, I used to to be self employed and had a small, home based, computer repair business.

I closed it in 2020, during the Covid-19 and also moved to a retirement property. It was a great way of making some money but it started to become too stressful.

Hobby Blogger ; Pleasure Not Profit

Hobby Blogger : My Interests

I’m interested in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and technology so these tend to be the subjects that I write posts about.

I’ve you’ve got a new website and you’re struggling to get it well placed in Google’s search engine results pages, you might be interested to read my basic guide to On-page SEO.

I must add that I’m in no way and SEO expert, just someone who’s created a website for a small business and struggled to get it found online.

My other interests include amateur radio and simple electronics. I’ve held a radio license for 30 years although am not very active these days. The reason for that it that I’ve moved to a retirement apartment and am not able to erect external aerials.. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks for reading.. I’m off to think about the subject for another blog post.

Andy – Hobby Blogger – Pleasure Not Profit.

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