Computer Repair Technician In Salisbury : Retired

I used to be a computer repair technician in Salisbury but took early retirement back in 2020. I used to deal with many of the common PC faults that people had.

The main ones were usually a computer not starting (booting up) or running slowly. These were often software issues but hardware problems were also responsible.

My small business in Salisbury operated from a workshop at my home in the city but I retired in 2020. I’d always been a bit of a tech enthusiast so the business seemed like a good idea.

The business started back in 2007 when Microsoft Windows XP was the most popular operating system.

MS Vista came along that year but I heard quite a few negative reports about if from customers so never tried it.

We then had Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and then onto 10. Version 11 has been out for a while now but I’ve not installed that on my desktop computer yet. In fact, I don’t think my machine is compatable with that particular operating system.

I used to deal with a range of common PC and laptop faults for customers in Salisbury. Can you guess what the issue was from the photo below?.

Computer Repair Technician - Overheating desktop computer

Yes, it was overheating in a big way and the computer would cut out. Once it had been cleaned, and a new layer of thermal paste was applied, it was working perfectly.

Computer Repair Technician In Salisbury : Common PC Faults

I used to deal with a whole range of common PC faults as a computer repair technician, some of which were easy to deal with while some could be a bit of a headache.

Broken laptop Screens

It’s fairly easy to replace but they can be quite fiddly. The other problem is getting hold of a replacement laptop screen that will fit as they come in many sizes and fitments.

Touchscreens and digitizers are more awkward as they tend to need a hot air gun to take them apart. The screens are held together with a glue and this needs to be warmed up

Overheating PCs

As you can see from the photo, overheating can be a problem in older computers and laptops. It’s due to the dust and fluff buildup in the CPU heatsink and it restricts the flow of air needed to cool it down. Smoking is also a problem as the nicotene also gets drawn in by the cooling fan.

DC jacks (charging sockets)

Sometimes the charging socket will wear and lose its contact with the charging plug. You can often hold the plug at an angle and it will charge but it really needs replacing.

Some laptops have a DC jack that is soldered to the motherboard. These can be fiddly to change even with a decent soldering iron. In other cases, the jack come with a short cable that plugs into the motherboard.. much easier.

Failed hard drives

Hard drives do fail and sometimes you know that they’re heading that way because they’re making a clicking sound.

If you’re lucky, you can recover the important data (photos, documents etc) from them by taking the drive out of the computer or laptop and putting it into a hard drive caddy.

If you can recover the data and transfer it to another hard drive or memory stick then the customer is likely to be happy. I’ve been very fortunate in the past but it’s not always easy.

If you own a computer or laptop, please make sure you backup your documents and photos on a regular basis. You might be very thankful one day

Software Problems

Quite a few of the problems with computers relate to the software. Sometimes if needs a good clear out of temporary files and cookies.. Sometimes a file has become corrupt.

There are so many reasons why a computer won’t start and far more that I have time to write about 🙂

If you can discover the reason then that’s great. Sometimes it’s easier to reinstall 🙂

Many thanks for reading, I hope it was of interest.. I have to say that I enjoyed being a computer repair technician in Salisbury but retirement is also very nice.

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