Keeping An Active Mind In Retirement : Mental Health

Keeping an active mind in retirement is very important for good mental health so I’ve started a blog to keep my brain occupied.

I do have a few other hobbies as well so should be able to keep myself busy.

Before retirement, I ran a small computer repair business in Salisbury for almost fourteen years and loved it. Before that I was a BT engineer in the Southampton area so have had a bit of variety.

I’m now enjoying early retirement living in Salisbury and it’s great.

Keeping An Active Mind In Retirement - Andy's Blog

Blog writing seems like a perfect choice and I’ve got a few articles that I plan on writing .

I will probably spend longer researching them but it will keep my mind active.

There will be days when I think “What shall I write about” but I’m sure that a subject will come to mind.

If my mind is blank then I will find something else to keep me busy.

After all, I am retired and don’t have any deadlines to meet 🙂

Keeping An Active Mind In Retirement : Mental Health

When I was thinking about creating this retirement blog, I didn’t know what to use. A simple website or not.

There are some writing platforms such as or Google’s so I did a little research.

In the end, I decided to use my existing webhosting package and install WordPress.Org. It was easy to install and seems to have many advantages over a plain website.

It is much easier to use and I’m very glad that I chose it for Andy’s Blog.

I’ve also installed the free Yoast SEO plugin because, I’m told that it works really well when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.

It keeps an eye on how many words I’ve written in a blog post and also let’s me know what the keyword density is doing.

It also does a whole lot more but I’m a newbie blogger and I have much to learn. It’s going to take a while to get used to my new writing platform so please give me time 🙂

So there we are, Andy’s blog is up and running and I’m keeping an active mind in retirement and hoping for good mental health 🙂 All I need to do now is to write some posts.