Hobbies And Interests

Andy’s Hobby Blog : Past And Current Interests

Andy’s hobby blog is an insight into my past and current interests. The things that I like to do in my spare time.

When I was a youngster, in the dim and distant past, I was very interested in plastic scale models, you know, the ones from companies like Airfix.

Andy's Hobby Blog - Past And Current Interests

I used to assemble quite a few aircraft and motorbikes. I even painted a few and applied the little decals that came with them. A few were hung a few from my bedroom ceiling and thought they looked great.

Sadly I had a bit of an accident with a wonderful biplane that I’d built.

We went to see my grandmother, one sunny day, by car. I as eager to show her my biplane and she was very impressed. Once she’d seen it, I put it back in my Dad’s car, on the rear parcel shelf.

Later that day, as we were about to go home, I discovered that plastic models and the sun don’t mix. It had melted and the wings were very droopy 🙁

Andy’s Hobby Blog – Radio Controlled Cars

When I got a bit older, I discovered radio controlled electric cars. There was a club where I lived and they used the village hall for racing 12th scale electric cars.

I thought this was fantastic so I started saving my pennies. I saved enough to buy a 2 channel radio control transmitter and receiver.

Someone at the club made me a car chassis out of polycarbonate and I started to buy the rest of the components. Eventually, I built a car and, as a result, could start racing.

It was brilliant fun and I have very fond memories of this wonderful hobby. It was a wonderful interest to have and is a good reminded of the past.

If you’re interest in radio controlled cars them Modelsport could be the place to look.

When I reached my late teens, I discovered real motorbikes and other interests that appeal to a teenager. I forgot all about radio controlled cars..

Current Interests And Hobbies

Fast forward so and my hobbies and interests are very different.

I bought my first computer back in the early 90s and I have to say that they have been a life long hobby. I also discovered amateur radio and have held a transmitting license for around 30 years.

My computer interest led me to start a small business as a computer repair technician so something good came out of a hobby.

I closed that business back in 2020 and am now enjoying early retirement. I have plenty of time on my hands for new hobbies and interests.

One of my new interests is being a hobby blogger and it’s actually a bit different from writing about my pastimes. It refers to someone who writes blog posts for the fun of it and doesn’t want to make a living from it.

Anyway, thanks for reading Andy’s Hobby Blog, I hope you found it a little interesting 🙂

Hobbies And Interests

I’m a hobby blogger and I write for pleasure

I’m a hobby blogger from South Wiltshire and I write blog posts for the pleasure of it, not to make money.

I know that there are many blog writers that post to make a living from their websites.

It must be quite a pressured job, especially if they have to meet deadlines so I’ll stick to doing it for fun.

I’ve always enjoyed writing so I took it up as a an interest when I took early retirement.

I must confess that I’m not a natural writer and I’ve had no formal training in the subject. However, I do find that it’s a great way to keep my mind active.

Before retirement, I used to to be self employed and had a small, home based, computer repair business.

I closed it in 2020, during the Covid-19 and also moved to a retirement property. It was a great way of making some money but it started to become too stressful.

Hobby Blogger ; Pleasure Not Profit

Hobby Blogger : My Interests

I’m interested in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and technology so these tend to be the subjects that I write posts about.

I’ve you’ve got a new website and you’re struggling to get it well placed in Google’s search engine results pages, you might be interested to read my basic guide to On-page SEO.

I must add that I’m in no way and SEO expert, just someone who’s created a website for a small business and struggled to get it found online.

My other interests include amateur radio and simple electronics. I’ve held a radio license for 30 years although am not very active these days. The reason for that it that I’ve moved to a retirement apartment and am not able to erect external aerials.. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks for reading.. I’m off to think about the subject for another blog post.

Andy – Hobby Blogger – Pleasure Not Profit.