TalkTalk Bills Going Up In Price So I’m Leaving

I’ve noticed my TalkTalk bills going up in price every month , since the end of my contract, so I’ve cancelled it and switching to Tesco Mobile..

I moved to a new home back in 2020 and hoped that I could transfer my contract but that wasn’t an option. I would have to start a new TalkTalk contract.

Once I’d moved, I contacted TalkTalk again and started an 18 month contract for Fibre 35. There is no chance of having Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) in the building where I live as they haven’t installed it yet, but we do have Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC).

I started my new Broadband contract and everything seems to be running nicely and my bill was around £35 a month. This seemed reasonable and was was quite affordable.

Whilst I was in contract, the bill seemed to be fairly steady and I was quite happy. It was only after my Broadband contract ended in January 2022 that I had a problem with my bills going up in price.

TalkTalk bills going up in price – Tesco Mobile ?

I’ve spent some time looking at other Broadband deals and Tesco Mobile seems to offer a great solution to my problem.

I’ve been with Tesco for many years but I’ve always had a simple PAYG and never really thought about using them as my Broadband provider.

I’m fairly close to my local O2 phone mast and get a very strong signal, could mobile internet be the solution for me.

As I no longer run a business, I don’t need a home phone so I’d be quite happy with a Broadband contract that didn’t include a landline

I’ve discovered that I can switch over to a Pay Monthly contract with Tesco and get 100GB of data with unlimited minutes and texts.

I can get this £14 per month on a 24 month contract and the price is fixed. With TalkTalk bills going up in price every month, there’s not much to decide..

As an update, I’ve now taken out a 2 year contract and am now using Tesco Mobile for my home internet. It’s all working nicely and I’ve cancelled my Talktalk account.

Broadband Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile For My Home Internet

I’ve been using Tesco Mobile for my home internet for almost a month now and it’s working very well.

I signed up for a 2 year contract for a 100GB per month data package which is more than I can possibly use.

I’ve been using Talktalk for my home Broadband and phone for many years but it was starting to get expensive. I used to rely on a home phone (landline) when I ran a small business but it’s no longer required.

During a recent visit to Tesco, I picked up one of their mobile phone leaflets. I looked at their Pay Monthly, SIM only contracts and couldn’t believe how cheap it was.

With my Talktalk bills going up in price every month, it seemed like a far cheaper way of having Broadband.

Anyway, I phoned up Tesco mobile and changed over from my PAYG contract and signed up. I’d never thought of a mobile phone for my home internet but it’s great.

The website is easy to navigate as well, here’s a screen shot:

Tesco Mobile for my home internet

Once you’re set up, you can also install the app, it’s idea for keeping an idea on data usage.

How Am I using Tesco Mobile for my home internet ?

My home PC usually connects to my Talktalk router wirelessly as they are fairly close together, in the same room.

I changed the settings in my mobile phone by going to the ‘Mobile Hotspot And Tethering’ in the connections menu.

I enabled ‘Mobile Hotspot’ and tapped the ‘Configure’ button. This is where you can set the network name (SSID) and password.

Once the phone was setup, I scanned for a new Wifi network with my PC, connected and entered the password.

My internet speed isn’t as fast but for £14 for 100GB/month, I’m very happy. I also get Unlimited minutes & texts.

Tesco data SIM in a 4G Broadband Router

The battery in my phone runs down fairly quickly now that I’m using it for my Broadband connection.

I’m wondering whether I can use a Tesco data SIM in a 4g Broadband Router?. It would certainly save my phone in the long run but I don’t know whether it’s allowed.. I don’t want to buy a 4G router and find that I can use it or that I get cut off.

Leaving Talktalk

I spoke to Talktalk and have arranged for my account with them to be closed. I’m out of contract so don’t have a penalty to pay.

I’m waiting for a prepaid bag to arrive so that I can post the Talktalk router back to them. Once I’ve had my final bill, I will no longer be a customer.

If you don’t need a landline or fibre Broadband then a mobile contract may suit you at this price.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my article about using Tesco Mobile for my home internet.