British Telecom

Ex BT Telephone Engineer : Southampton : Pre Openreach

I’m an Ex BT telephone engineer (Pre Openreach) from Southampton and spent many years installing and repairing phone lines.

I learned a lot about the network as well as installing drop wires, internal cables and telephone sockets.

Ex BT Telephone Engineer : Southampton : Pre Openreach

I started working for British Telecom back in the early 90s after a friend mentioned that they were looking for staff.

After successfully passing the interview and practical test, I started my engineering training. This included going to a centre at Shirehampton near Bristol for a pole climbing course.

Climbing telegraph poles can be dangerous so it’s good to get the proper training.

After my initial training I joined an uplift group in Southampton which was formed to carry out preventitive maintenance of the overhead network.

We would replace the corroded drop wires with a newer cable known as drop wire 10 and run the cable directly from the DP into the customer’s house.

British Telecom Training Centre At Yarnfield

I did get sent to the training centre at Yarnfield in Staffordshire once or twice. We learned all sorts of things about telephone related equipment Including the WB-900. If you’re an Ex BT Telephone Engineer then I’m sure you remember changing the blue batteries in them.

After a few more training courses, I was teamed up with a local engineer, he picked me up from the local telephone exchange and we went off repairing phones and phone lines.

Once the manager was happy that I was sufficiently trained I was given my own yellow van (Who remembers Busby) and I was sent off on my own.

Ex BT Telephone Engineer In Southampton : Pre Openreach

I left in Southampton over 15 years ago, before it became known as Openreach. It’s a great company to work for and I would recommend it.

I really enjoyed my time and met some wonderful people and customers. We all love happy customers and it’s great when they appreciate your work.

I’ve now retired and no longer live in Southampton. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy including this Blog 🙂