Cherry Orchard Lane Salisbury : Unsuitable For HGVs

Cherry Orchard Lane Salisbury (SP2) is a popular route from Wilton Road (A36) to Lower Road and Churchfields Industrial Estate. But, it is unsuitable for HGVs and high sided lorries because of a low bridge.

The twin railway bridges ( BAE2 E4/241 and SAL E29/75) have height limit of just 10′-3″ (3.12 Meters) and even luton vans hit it from time to time. Looking at the marks on the underside of the bridge, it’s been hit quite a few times in the past.

Aside from that, it’s a is a nice little residential street. From the bridge, up towards Wilton Road, there’s a nice row of houses on the left and some flats on the right.

The road was resurfaced in 2021 as it was in pretty poor condition with a series of potholes. They did a great job but I can’t work out why they didn’t resurface under the bridges. Was it because their machines wouldn’t fit?

Old Railway Engine Sheds : Cherry Orchard Lane Salisbury

As you walk under the low railway bridge, towards Lower Road, you’ll see a lovely area full of trees on the left. This is where the old railway engine sheds were.

The was talk about redeveloping this site for extra parking at the Salisbury Railway Station at one stage but I believe there are concerns about contaminated land.

At the moment, it’s a beautiful area and is almost like a little nature reserve in Salisbury. I know that there are foxes and Muntjac deer over there because I’ve seen them.

Hedley Davis Court

Hedley Davis Court is also located off of Cherry Orchard Lane, Salisbury and is a small retirement housing complex for the over 55s operated by Housing 21. It’s a popular housing comples for people starting early retirement in Salisbury.

The entrance also leads to a collection of houses at Syringa Court. It’s generally very quiet aside from the trains that have to sound their horns as they approach the Gramshaw Road pedestrian level crossing, which leads to Lower Road in Lower Bemerton.

HGVs using Cherry Orchard Lane

We get HGVs and high sided lorries from Churchfields Industrial Estate turning into Cherry Orchard Lane. It happens almost every day and they’re forced to turn around.

It always looks so dangerous when they reverse back into Lower Road, Lower Bemerton. Especially with the impatient car and van drivers overtaking them.

If they don’t reverse into Lower Road then they reverse into Hedley Davis Court.

I sometimes wonder if they’re lost or following a Sat-Nav that’s designed for cars because there’s one of a series of low bridges in Salisbury that causes them to rethink their route.


Lower Bemerton Salisbury

Lower Bemerton Salisbury is an attractive residential suburb with a village-like feel and has a strong community spirit.

It is also home to the Old Rectory in Lower Road, which is the former home of George Herbert.

Indian novelist and poet, Vikram Seth once visited the Old Rectory and loved it so much that he bought it.

There are also some lovely walks in the area, one of my favourite ones is the Churchfields Riverside walk at the end of Newton Road.

Moving to Lower Bemerton Salisbury

I was lucky enough to move here in 2020 although I’ve lived in Salisbury for 15 years.

I must admit that my chance to move can out of the blue and I only had a short time to make the decision.

Within about a week of two of getting a phone call, I had become a happy Lower Bemerton resident.

The first time I heard a train blowing its horn was a bit of a shock, they sure are loud. It turns out that the Gramshaw Road level crossing is quite near to me.

I’ve since visited the crossing and I’m sure I could hear a loud speaker announcment of an approaching train. Was it all in a dream?

Broken Bridges – Lower Bemerton Salisbury

When I first moved to Lower Bemerton Salisbury, I was keen to explore the area and stumbled across the entrance to Broken Bridges.

I found it nestled between Bridge Cottage and Bridge House and it’s a lovely walk towards Harnham.

It’s like a little nature reserve and I enjoy seeing the Swans and Canada Geese, I’ve also been lucky enough to see a Heron.

Local History

I’ve also been keen to learn about the history of the area and have discovered a useful website belonging to the Bemerton Local History Society.

It also contains a very useful property index with historic details of local houses so there’s plenty to learn.

I’ve spotted a beautiful little Church called St Andrew’s a little way down the road from me. It dates back to the 13th century. and is the final resting place of George Herbert, a priest and poet.

St John’s place, a grade II* listed building, also looks very interesting and is home to some Commonwealth war graves.

Another little snippet of local history is that Mick Fleetwood’s parents once lived in Bridge House.

HGV Problems

The only minor gripe here is the issue of lorry problems in Lower Bemerton but that’s another blog post for you to read.


Lorry Problems In Lower Bemerton, Salisbury

We have lorry problems in Lower Bemerton caused by lorries coming from Churchfields Ind Est in Salisbury.

They end up driving towards Lower Road or Cherry Orchard Lane where they face either a 7.5 T weight limit, a 10′-3″ low bridge or have to turn around.

There are a few reasons why they end up in Lower Bemerton and one is the lack signage along Churchfields Road.

The only sign that warns drivers of a 7.5 Tonne weight limit in Lower Road is one at the top of Brunel Road.

A lorry reversing and causing problems in Lower Bemerton, Salisbury

The other reasons for lorry problems in Lower Bemerton may be that drivers are using a Sat-Nav designed for a car.

We have quite a few low bridges in Salisbury but car sat-navs show them.

The only other reason that I can think of is that they’re just trying to take a shortcut to get out of Salisbury.

Lorry Problems In Lower Bemerton

When an HGV, high sided lorry goes past the junction of Brunel Road and past the VW showroom it has few options.

If it’s below the 7.5 Tonne limit for Lower Road then it can continue but the road does get tight in places.

The road also becomes narrow at the point between the Old Rectory and St Andrew’s Church.

There is no pavement along this section of road and it’s a route taken by children to School.

There is a road on the right back to Wilton Road (A36) called Church Lane but it’s unsuitable for HGVs.

I drove past recently and it’s a 7.5 Tonne limit and there is a sign to say ‘No Articulated Vehicles

Cherry Orchard Lane

If the driver respects the weight limit then they will probably turn right into Cherry Orchard Lane with its 10′-3″ low bridge.

The lorry driver now has a problem, do they reverse back the way they came, across Lower Road?.

They can do so but there is probably other traffic around them which makes this manouvre a bit dangerous.

The driver’s other option is to reverse into Hedley Davis Court which is a narrow residential road.


Low Bridges in Salisbury : Churchfields HGV and Lorry Info

We have some low bridges in Salisbury that HGV and lorry drivers heading to Churchfields Industrial Estate should know about, especially the 14′-3″ (4.34 Meters) bridge in Fisherton Street and the 10″-3″ (3.12 Meters) bridge in Cherry Orchard Lane.

If you’re heading to Churchfields Ind Est for the first time, you might like to know the two common routes from outside of the City. One involves going under that bridge in Fisherton Street and the other avoids the low bridges in Salisbury.

Low Bridges In Salisbury – Fisherton Street

This is the route in from St Paul’s Roundabout (A36) and I would think that it’s a popular route down from the A303. If you can comfortably drive under the bridge with its 14′-3″ (4.34 Meters) height restriction then you’re well on your way to getting to Churchfields.

Straight after the bridge is a tight right turn into South Western Rd, which has a Zebra crossing, before getting to Mill Road on the left and on to the Industrial estate.

If you’re unlucky enough to strike the bridge then Rail Track will likely get involved and you’ll make the local news.. please be careful

Exeter Street HGV Route

The only safe HGV route into Churchfields Ind Est, Salisbury that avoids any low bridges is from Exeter Street Roundabout. The roundabout is on the A338 where Churchill Way South and New Bridge Road meet.

The route is Exeter St, New Street (on the left), Crane Street, Cranebridge Road, Mill Road and then left into Churchfields Road.

The route back is slightly different. Right into Mill Road, Cranebridge Road, Crane Street, New Street, Straight ahead to Ivy Street, Right into Brown Street, follow on round into St Ann Street and left into Exeter Street.

The two HGV and lorry routes above are the only ones that you should take in or out of the estate…please.

Cherry Orchard Lane – Bad Route For HGVs

If you’ve driven past the Brunel Road turning in Lower Road, and the Audi and VW showrooms, then you’ll probably have to turn around. The road ahead, at the junction with Cherry Orchard Lane, has a 7.5 Tonne limit and some tight bends.

Back in 2016, an HGV got stuck by St Andrew’s Church in Lower Bemerton for about 4 hours, according to an article in the Salisbury Journal. The lorry driver was there for four hours and issued with fixed penalty notice for ignoring the very visible signs. The road is totally unsuitable to goods vehicles although I appreciate that they sometimes have to make deliveries.

If you turn right at the junction into Cherry Orchard Lane then you’ll certainly have to turn around. There is a low bridge with a 10′-3″ (3.12 Meters) height restriction. Luton vans hit this bridge occasionally and it makes a real mess.

Sadly, Sat-Navs designed for cars don’t display the low bridges in Salisbury.

Low Bridges In Salisbury - A lorry reversing and causing problems in Lower Bemerton, Salisbury

It might be tempting to use the entrance to Hedley Davis Court for turning around but the elderly residents who live there won’t thank you for it. A VW Golf was damaged recently when a coach reversed in and failed to stop, luckily, a couple of residents took photos as evidence. If you drive your HGV in there, they will probably take your photo as well.

A lack Of Road Signs For HGVs

One of the reasons that lorries and HGVs end up at this end of Churchfields Ind Est maybe the lack of road signage warning of the restrictions in Lower Bemerton.

If an HGV drives up Brunel Road then there’s a clear sign telling them to turn right. If a lorry is a litttle lost, maybe having missed the turning into Stephenson Rd or driving past a destination, there is little to warn them until it’s too late. There is a faded sign outside the Audi showroom to warn of the low bridge in Cherry Orchard Lane but, again, it’s too late.

I believe this lack of signage is partly why there are lorry problems in Lower Bemerton.

Low Bridge Wilton, Salisbury (A36)

One final bridge to mention is a little way out of the City. The Wilton low bridge in on the other side of the town, along Warminster Road, just before Kingsway Trading Estate.

It has a height limit of 14′-0″ (4.2 Meters) at the centre but just 11′-0″ (3.3 Meters) on one side when you look at it from the Wilton Side. When you look at it from the other side the lower height limit is 12′-3″ (3.73 Meters). The bridge is quite often in the local news when a lorry hits it.


Primark Is Coming To Salisbury

Primark is coming to Salisbury and is opening a store at the old BHS building in the Old George Mall. I’m sure it will be very popular.

Whenever the Salisbury Journal post anything about a new shop opening , you can guarantee that someone will mention the need for a Primark in Salisbury. They even published an article to inform their readers that the store really was coming to the city, however it was posted on April 1st.

I imagine that the reason that some people are so keen to have a Primark in Salisbury is that the discount chain sells cheap clothing. In these tough economics times it would be great to be able to buy the latest fashion or children’s clothing at a reasonable price.

Primark Is Coming To Salisbury - Old George Mall

The Nearest Primark To Salisbury

The nearest store is in 22 – 28 Above Bar Street, Southampton (SO14 7DQ) and is only 25 miles away. It’s less than an hour by car or a short train journey. It’s also a good chance to visit the Westquay Shopping Centre.

Here’s a link to the Southampton Primark website.

There is also a Primark in Winchester at The Brooks Shopping Centre (SO23 8QY) and is 25 miles away.

and here is the Winchester Primark website so that you have check the address and opening time at that particular branch

Opening Hours

The opening hours for most of the stores is likely to be from 09:00 – 18:00 although some may stay open for longer. Sunday opening hours are reduced because of trading laws but they may open 30 minutes earlier to allow browsing only.

Buying Primark Clothes Online

It would be tempting to think that you could order goods from the Primark website and have them delivered. Sadly this is not the case as the do not offer online shopping. I think the reason that they don’t offer delivery is that it would bump up the cost of cheap clothing. They would far rather you visited one of their stores..

Will We Have A Primark In Salisbury

The problem is that, although Salisbury is a city as it has a cathedral, the population is fairly small compared to other cities. Rumour has it that Primark would only open a new store in a city with a population of over 100,000 people although Salisbury only has around 45,000. I just don’t think that it would be financially viable for them to open a shop here..

So there you have it.. I’m afraid that I don’t think we will have a Primark in Salisbury anytime soon.

#Update# It seems that Primark really are coming to Salisbury and are opening a new store. They will be moving into the old BHS building in the Old George Mall.

Retirement Living In Salisbury

Retirement Living In Salisbury 

I’m enjoying my early retirement living in Salisbury, a beautiful, medieval Cathedral City in the south of England.

It’s a very popular city that attracts a large number of visitors and tourists every year.

There are plenty of lovely places to visit within easy reach such as Bournemouth which is only 30 miles away.

The New Forest National Park in Hampshire is only 10 miles away and features some beautiful scenery as well as plenty of ponies and donkeys.

One of my favourite parts of the New Forest is Bolderwood, it has some wonderful walks and well as a deer sanctuary.

There’s also the village of Lyndhurst which is always very popular.

As you can see, the Cathedral City is in an ideal location and a very popular place to live.

It’s also proving to be a popular choice for people who are looking for retirement properties in Salisbury

There is also a sheltered housing complex in Salisbury with rental properties for the over 55s called Hedley Davis Court

Retirement Living In Salisbury

Retirement Living In Salisbury

I’ve recently been lucky enough to take early retirement after running a small business in Salisbury for a number of years.

I’ve also moved to a purpose built retirement apartment for the over 55s, close to Wilton Road. It’s within easy walking distance of the City and ideal for visiting the wonderful tourist attractions in Salisbury.

I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to move here, it’s a quiet first floor flat in a lovely little housing complex.

It has some wonderful communal facilities and over looks a beautifully maintained garden.

There are also some very nice walks in the area including one known as Broken Bridges which runs through to Harnham.

Retirement Hobbies : Keeping My Mind Active

Keeping an active mind after retirement has been one of my main goals and finding enjoyable hobbies. I’ve always enjoyed writing so I decided to make a hobby of it and write a retirement blog.

I’m also an amateur radio enthusiast and am able to chat to a few other radio hams in the Salisbury area, via a DMR repeater. I don’t have room for any outside aerials at my new location but I can still listen to radio hams around the world via the Hack Green HF SDR.

Photography is another great interest and and I’ve been lucky enough to take some great wildlife photos. I usually use the camera on my Samsung phone but also have an older Nikon Coolpix L810 which works well.

I’ve set up an Instagram account for some of my latest photos.

Best Wishes
Andy – Retirement Living In Salisbury.

Retirement Living In Salisbury

Retirement Properties In Salisbury : For Sale And Rent

If you’re looking for retirement properties in Salisbury then you’ll find quite a few flats, apartments and houses for sale in the City.

Various purchase options are often available for the properties allowing you to buy, rent or enter into shared ownership agreements.

It’s just a case of what works out to be right for your financial situation.

Retirement Properties in Salisbury - For Sale And Rent

Other incentives sometimes include buying your existing property from you, free moving services, service charge discounts and equity release.

Older people often prefer the housing to consist of of a purpose built, ground floor flat in a small housing complex.

Other people might prefer a top floor apartment with view over the City and even Salisbury Cathedral. There are many options available including houses in a retirement village.

Retirement Properties For Sale In Salisbury

I’ve found that there is a great range of high quality, affordable properties such as flats and houses in Salisbury.

Platinum Skies have a retirement village called ‘Chapters’ off of Fountain Way, Wilton Road.

The retirement accommodation is for the over 55s and consists of a mixture of houses, cottages and apartments.

McCarthy Stone have a ‘Retirement Living Plus’ development called Monument Place which in Endless Street.

We know that it consists of a mixture of one and two bed apartments for over 70s.

Both of these properties are in the centre of Salisbury and offer convenient access to the local shops.

Sarum Lodge, Three Swans Chequer is built on the site of the old bus station. It’s a lovely development of 47 retirement apartments.

It includes onsite car parking facilities and the main entrance is located along Rollestone Street.

All of the properties are within easy reach of some of our wonderful places to visit in Salisbury.

Rental Housing

Housing 21 is a leading provider of Extra Care and Retirement Living in England.

They have a small complex in Salisbury called Hedley Davis Court which can be found in Cherry Orchard Lane.

It contains a number of self contained flats and offers some communal facilities. There is also an on-site Court Manager during weekday office hours.

These are rental properties and there is a waiting list.

Retirement Living In Salisbury

Hedley Davis Court Salisbury : Sheltered Housing

Hedley Davis Court is a sheltered retirement housing complex in Salisbury providing rental accommodation for those aged 55 and over.

The court consists of 34 self-contained flats which are a mixture of studio, 1 and 2 bedroom properties. There is also a guest flat.

The court is also pet friendly.

The manager is on-site during the day and oversees the general running of the building and deals with any maintenance requests.

Hedley Davis Court Salisbury - Sheltered Accommodation

Hedley Davis Court Salisbury – Accommodation

The apartments are nice and warm in the colder months as they have gas central heating.

The heating is provided by a communal boiler and paid for out of the modest service charge. Individual flats do not have a gas supply so you don’t have to worry about unexpected gas bills.

A 24 hour emergency alarm system is fitted in all properties for added peace of mind.

This allows you to speak to the court manager (during the day) or an alarm monitoring company called Appello.

I think it’s a great system if you need help.

The apartments are also fitted with smoke detectors, and, in the event of a fire, the brigade are automatically be notified and will attend.

If you’re looking for retirement housing in Salisbury then it’s certainly worth getting in touch with Housing 21.

There will be a waiting list for the apartments that you can put your name down on.

Communal Facilities

We have some lovely facilities that include a laundry room complete with 2 washing machines. We also have a comfortable residents’ lounge, complete with kitchen

At the centre of the site is a beautifully maintained garden area for use by our residents and visitors.

A view of the garden at Hedley Davis Court

It features a central pergola that provides a shaded seating area, a lovely lawn and a collection of shrubs and small trees.

It really is a nice place to be in the summer, whether you’re chatting to other residents or reading a book..

If you’re looking for sheltered housing in Salisbury , this might be of interest.


TalkTalk Bills Going Up In Price So I’m Leaving

I’ve noticed my TalkTalk bills going up in price every month , since the end of my contract, so I’ve cancelled it and switching to Tesco Mobile..

I moved to a new home back in 2020 and hoped that I could transfer my contract but that wasn’t an option. I would have to start a new TalkTalk contract.

Once I’d moved, I contacted TalkTalk again and started an 18 month contract for Fibre 35. There is no chance of having Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) in the building where I live as they haven’t installed it yet, but we do have Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC).

I started my new Broadband contract and everything seems to be running nicely and my bill was around £35 a month. This seemed reasonable and was was quite affordable.

Whilst I was in contract, the bill seemed to be fairly steady and I was quite happy. It was only after my Broadband contract ended in January 2022 that I had a problem with my bills going up in price.

TalkTalk bills going up in price – Tesco Mobile ?

I’ve spent some time looking at other Broadband deals and Tesco Mobile seems to offer a great solution to my problem.

I’ve been with Tesco for many years but I’ve always had a simple PAYG and never really thought about using them as my Broadband provider.

I’m fairly close to my local O2 phone mast and get a very strong signal, could mobile internet be the solution for me.

As I no longer run a business, I don’t need a home phone so I’d be quite happy with a Broadband contract that didn’t include a landline

I’ve discovered that I can switch over to a Pay Monthly contract with Tesco and get 100GB of data with unlimited minutes and texts.

I can get this £14 per month on a 24 month contract and the price is fixed. With TalkTalk bills going up in price every month, there’s not much to decide..

As an update, I’ve now taken out a 2 year contract and am now using Tesco Mobile for my home internet. It’s all working nicely and I’ve cancelled my Talktalk account.

Broadband Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile For My Home Internet

I’ve been using Tesco Mobile for my home internet for almost a month now and it’s working very well.

I signed up for a 2 year contract for a 100GB per month data package which is more than I can possibly use.

I’ve been using Talktalk for my home Broadband and phone for many years but it was starting to get expensive. I used to rely on a home phone (landline) when I ran a small business but it’s no longer required.

During a recent visit to Tesco, I picked up one of their mobile phone leaflets. I looked at their Pay Monthly, SIM only contracts and couldn’t believe how cheap it was.

With my Talktalk bills going up in price every month, it seemed like a far cheaper way of having Broadband.

Anyway, I phoned up Tesco mobile and changed over from my PAYG contract and signed up. I’d never thought of a mobile phone for my home internet but it’s great.

The website is easy to navigate as well, here’s a screen shot:

Tesco Mobile for my home internet

Once you’re set up, you can also install the app, it’s idea for keeping an idea on data usage.

How Am I using Tesco Mobile for my home internet ?

My home PC usually connects to my Talktalk router wirelessly as they are fairly close together, in the same room.

I changed the settings in my mobile phone by going to the ‘Mobile Hotspot And Tethering’ in the connections menu.

I enabled ‘Mobile Hotspot’ and tapped the ‘Configure’ button. This is where you can set the network name (SSID) and password.

Once the phone was setup, I scanned for a new Wifi network with my PC, connected and entered the password.

My internet speed isn’t as fast but for £14 for 100GB/month, I’m very happy. I also get Unlimited minutes & texts.

Tesco data SIM in a 4G Broadband Router

The battery in my phone runs down fairly quickly now that I’m using it for my Broadband connection.

I’m wondering whether I can use a Tesco data SIM in a 4g Broadband Router?. It would certainly save my phone in the long run but I don’t know whether it’s allowed.. I don’t want to buy a 4G router and find that I can use it or that I get cut off.

Leaving Talktalk

I spoke to Talktalk and have arranged for my account with them to be closed. I’m out of contract so don’t have a penalty to pay.

I’m waiting for a prepaid bag to arrive so that I can post the Talktalk router back to them. Once I’ve had my final bill, I will no longer be a customer.

If you don’t need a landline or fibre Broadband then a mobile contract may suit you at this price.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my article about using Tesco Mobile for my home internet.